Call for Robots - Open Playground

PDF version is available here.

Discussing the latest progress on your project on a conference is a great thing, but showing it and playing around with it together with other researchers and developers takes the experience to a different level. To meet this demand, the IROS 2015 introduces the concept of an open Playground. The Playground is a marked field in the foyer in front of Hall G. Every participant is invited to bring and show robots or prototypes without prior registration. The idea is to assemble a community around the open field to create an atmosphere for lively discussions, inspirations and communication.

We kindly ask you to drop a short mail to if you plan to bring any Hardware for the Playground, to help us to estimate the amount of interest and required space. We will publish your announcement in a list of Teams and Robots on this website, so everyone can get an idea of what interesting things to expect at the Playground.

Rules & Facts

The Playground will be open during the three main conference days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We will provide a number of tables and power supplies.

The Playground rules are quite simple:

  • The Playground is open for everyone (student, researcher, startups, ...).
  • Robots on the playground must neither damage other robots nor harm humans. If your robot has any special safety requirements, please contact us in advance.
  • Be careful with Wifi networks. Extensive use of multiple Wifi hot-spots may interfere with the conference network and other playground users.
  • Be fair! Don't occupy the playground for long times in case other people are waiting.
  • The use of small UAVs is possible, depending on the situation.

We hope to see many innovative devices and have interesting discussions.
See you at the “Playground”!


Visitors who have already announced to bring robots to the playground:

PAL Robotics TIAGo We are bringing TIAGo, our robot manipulator, to IROS, and will perform some demonstrations with it. You can watch TIAGo's pre-release video or visit TIAGo's microsite for more information.
Autonomous DeepBot Our DeepBot is designed for combining machin learning (Deep Learning) and robotics (ROS) together.
seed robotics SR-DH4D Robot Hand We will be demonstrating our 4 Dof SR-DH4D Robot Hands with force sensing using a humanoid robot with human full body tracking using a 3d camera and a glove with haptic feedback.