Workshops and Tutorials 

A total of 51 workshops and tutorials will be held on Monday, September 28 and Friday, October 02. Registration is required for the regular workshops and tutorials; this is done via the IROS-2015 registration website. A workshop registration gives you access to all workshops on both workshop days, so you can ignore the workshop selection list on the registration site. (Also note that the workshops have been renumbered for better consistency in the final program).

Morning sessions are 8:30 until 12:30 , with a half-hour coffee break at 10:00. Afternoon sessions are 14:00 until 18:00 , with a half-hour coffee break at 15:30 (times to be confirmed). Corresponding organizers are denoted with an asterisk.

New: please download the index file of the workshop and tutorials proceedings. The document includes information about the poster sessions. Note that the linked PDFs are not included, as the full workshop proceedings will only be distributed to registered workshop participants.


Monday, 28 Sept Full Day Workshops and Tutorials

Title Organizers
MoWS-01: 7th Workshop on Planning, Perception and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles , Christian Laugier, Christoph Stiller, Urbano Nunes
MoWS-02: MiRoR: Miniaturised Robotic systems for holistic in-situ Repair and maintenance works in restrained and hazardous environments  (Spain)
MoWS-03: Semantic Policy and Action Representations (SPAR) for Autonomous Robots , Neil Dantam, Eren Erdal Aksoy, Tamim Asfour
MoWS-04: Designing and Evaluating Social Robots for Public Settings   , Paul Bremner, Hatice Gunes, Danaë Stanton Fraser
MoWS-05: Multimodal Semantics for Robotic Systems (MuSRobS) Gutierrez Marco A., Rafael E Banchs, 
MoWS-06: Towards Standardized Experiments in Human-Robot Interactions   , Paolo Barattini, Dimitrios Chrysostomou, Lars Dalgaard, Maria Elena Giannaccini, Manuel Giuliani, Tamas Haidegger, Adriana Tapus, Gurvinder Singh Virk
MoWS-07: Unconventional Computing for Bayesian Inference , João Filipe Ferreira
MoWS-08: From Plants and Animals to Robots: Movements, Sensing, and Control. Two worlds in comparison. , Lucia Beccai
MoWS-09: The 6th International Workshop on Domain-Specific Languages and Models for Robotic Systems (DSLRob'15) Christian Schlegel, , Serge Stinckwich, Sebastian Wrede
MoWS-10: Robotic co-workers: Methods, Challenges and Industrial Test Cases Hao Ding, *
MoWS-11: Learning object affordances: a fundamental step to allow prediction, planning and tool use in autonomous robots? , Emre Ugur, Angelo Cangelosi, José Santos-Victor
MoWS-12: Bridging user needs to deployed applications of service robots   Fabio Paolo Bonsignorio, , Paolo Dario
MoWS-13: Real-time Cognitive Computing for Service Robots  
MoWS-14: Hyper Bio Assembler for 3D Cellular Innovation 
MoWS-15: Open forum on evaluation of results, replication of experiments and benchmarking in robotics research *, Elena Messina, Angel P. del Pobil
MoWS-16: Robotic endoscopic capsules for gastrointestinal screening, diagnosis and therapy: achievements and future challenges *, Jorge Dias 
MoWS-17: Towards truly human-like bipedal locomotion: the role of optimization, learning and motor primitives   *, Diego Torricelli
MoWS-18: Cognitive Mobility Assistance Robots: Scientific Advances and Perspectives   *, Petros Maragos, Angelika Peer, Klaus Hauer 

Monday, 28 Sept Half Day Morning Workshops and Tutorials

Title Organizers
MoWSMorning-20: Embodied-Brain Systems Sciences Jun Ota, Eiichi Naito, Shin-ichi Izumi, *
MoWSMorning-21: Cooperative vehicles and robotic systems for industrial applications , Cristian Secchi, Gian Diego Tipaldi
MoWSMorning-22: Robot Competitions: What did we learn? , Kaspar Althoefer, Pedro Lima

Monday, 28 Sept Half Day Afternoon Workshops and Tutorials

Title Organizers
MoWSAfternoon-20: See and Touch: 1st Workshop on multimodal sensor-based robot control for HRI and soft manipulation , Youcef Mezouar, David Navarro-Alarcon, Mario Prats
MoWSAfternoon-21: Spatial Reasoning and Interaction for Real-World Robotics , Verena Rieser
MoWSAfternoon-22: 2nd International Workshop on Aerial Open Source Robotics , , Brandon Basso



Friday, 02 Oct Full Day Workshops and Tutorials

Title Organizers
FrWS-01: Workshop on Task Planning for Intelligent Robots in Service and Manufacturing *, Ron Petrick, Esra Erdem
FrWS-02: Navigation and Actuation of Flexible Instruments in Medical Applications   , Alexander Schlaefer*
FrWS-03: The Path to Success: Failures in rEal Robots (FinE-R) *, Andreea Ioana Niculescu, Aravindkumar Vijayalingam
FrWS-04: Transfer of Cognitive Robotics Research to Industrial Assembly and Service Robots , Ales Ude, Tamim Asfour, Henrik Gordon Petersen
FrWS-05: Physical Human-Robot Collaboration: Safety, Control, Learning and Applications   , Sylvain Calinon, Freek Stulp
FrWS-06: Sensorimotor Contingencies for Robotics  , Cecilio Angulo, Guillem Alenyà, J. Kevin O'Regan
FrWS-07: Second Machine Learning in Planning and Control of Robot Motion Workshop , Maria Gini, Petar Kormushev, Marco Morales, Ivana Palunko, Angela P. Schoellig, Lydia Tapia
FrWS-08: 2nd workshop on the role of human sensorimotor control in surgical robotics   Tony Jarc, 
FrWS-09: On-line decision-making in multi-robot coordination   , Olivier Simonin, Francois Charpillet, Geoffrey Hollinger  
FrWS-10: Vision-based Control and Navigation of Small, Lightweight UAVs   , Davide Scaramuzza, Vijay Kumar
FrWS-11: Agri-Food Robotics: dealing with natural variability   , Yael Edan, Eldert J. Van Henten, Marcel Bergerman
FrWS-12: Perception and Planning for Legged Robot Locomotion in Challenging Domains  , Ioannis Havoutis, Maurice Fallon, Eiichi Yoshida
FrWS-13: Bioinspired Underwater Robotics   , Thomas Schmickl
FrWS-14: 2nd Workshop on Alternative Sensing for Robot Perception   , Sildomar Monteiro, Teresa A. Vidal-Calleja, Peter Corke
FrWS-15: Safety for Human-Robot Interaction in Industrial Settings   , Iñaki Maurtua, Hongbin Liu, Helge Arne Wurdemann
FrWS-16: New Frontiers and Applications for Soft Robotics *, Helmut Hauser, Fumiya Iida, Jonathan Rossiter, Laura Margheri, Cecilia Laschi
FrWS-17: Assistance and Service Robotics in a Human Environment   *, Samer Mohammed, David Daney, Anne Spalanzani, Norihiro Hagita, Abdelghani Chibani, Ren Luo  
FrWS-18: Social Norms in Robotics and HRI   , Rudolph Triebel, Achim J. Lilienthal, Rachid Alami, Vanessa Evers
FrWS-19: ISACS 2015 - Attention in Cognitive Systems   , Simone Frintrop, Bilge Mutlu
FrWS-25: 2nd Workshop on Robotics & Automation in Nuclear Facilities

Friday, 02 Oct Half Day Morning Workshops and Tutorials

Title Organizers
FrWSMorning-20: TRS 2015: An Open-source Recipe for Teaching (and Learning) Robotics with a Simulator: Setup a Laptop in 5 Minutes, Write a Control, Navigation, Vision or Manipulation Program in 100 Lines of Code *, Peter Corke, Marc Andreas Freese
FrWSMorning-21: Advances in Biologically Inspired Brain-Like Cognition and Control for Learning Robots *, Florian Roehrbein, Stefan Ulbrich, Rüdiger Dillmann
FrWSMorning-22: Grounding robot autonomy: Emotional and social interaction in robot behaviour *, Emilia I. Barakova, Erik Alexander Billing, Joost Broekens
FrWSMorning-23: Half-Day Hands-on Tutorial on Robotics System Toolbox from MathWorks *
FrWSAfternoon-20: ECHORD++: Urban Robotic Applications (Note: Re-scheduled from afternoon to Friday morning, hall 6). *, Antoni Grau, Ana Puig-Pey

Friday, 02 Oct Half Day Afternoon Workshops and Tutorials

Title Organizers
FrWSAfternoon-21: Micro-nano assembly reality check: Customer needs vs. research activities Sergej Fatikow, Tobias Tiemerding*
FrWSAfternoon-22: How to Use ROS and Gazebo with the ROBOTIS OP2 , Chase Noh