Awards and Award Finalists

At the Senior Program Committee (SPC) meeting, the Awards Chairs and the SPC will intersect the set of highly-reviewed papers with the criteria for each of the six paper awards. Papers will be eligible to be considered in more than one category. Based on this intersection, a set of semifinalist papers for each award will be chosen. These papers are then sent to subcommittees, one for each award. These subcommittees independently review the papers to arrive at a set of finalists for each award. Award winners will be chosen by the subcommittees based on the quality of the paper and the presentation at IROS 2015. 

JTCF Novel Technology Paper Award for Amusement Culture

This award recognizes practical technology contributing to toys, toy models, and amusement culture. Sponsored by the Japan Toy Culture Foundation.

 Paper No. Title Authors
 627 Towards Table Tennis with a Quadrotor Autonomous Learning Robot and Onboard Vision Silva, Rui; Melo, Francisco S.; Veloso, Manuela
 1549 Multimodal Adapted Robot Behavior Synthesis within a Narrative Human-Robot Interaction Aly, Amir; Tapus, Adriana
 1968 Momentum-Driven Single-Actuated Swimming Robot Refael, Gilad; Degani, Amir

RoboCup Best Paper Award

For work in localization, navigation, mobility, and teamwork technologies, with applications to areas such as team sports, search and rescue, personal and home robotics, education, and others. Sponsored by the RoboCup Federation.

Paper No. Title Authors
223 Path Planning for Optimizing Survivability of Multi-Robot Formation in Adversarial Environments Shapira, Yaniv; Agmon, Noa
1541 Benchmarking Robot Cooperation without Pre-Coordination in the RoboCup Standard Platform League Drop-In Player Competition Genter, Katie; Laue, Tim; Stone, Peter
1999 POMDP to the Rescue: Boosting Performance for Robocup Rescue Wu, Kegui; Lee, Wee Sun; Hsu, David

ICROS Best Application Paper Award

Sponsored by the Institute of Control, Robotics, and Systems (ICROS).

Paper No. Title Authors
1269 Automated Bubble-based Assembly of Cell-Laden Microgels into Vascular-Like Microtubes LIU, Xiaoming; Shi, Qing; Wang, Huaping; Sun, Tao; YU, Ning; Huang, Qiang; Fukuda, Toshio
1482 3D Printed Soft Skin for Safe Human-Robot Interaction Kim, Joohyung; Alspach, Alex; Yamane, Katsu
1506 Cloth Dynamics Modeling in Latent Spaces and its Application to Robotic Clothing Assistance Koganti, Nishanth; Ngeo, Jimson Gelbolingo; Tamei, Tomoya; Ikeda, Kazushi; Shibata, Tomohiro

ABB Best Student Paper Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding paper authored primarily by, and presented by, a student. Sponsored by ABB.

Paper No. Title Authors
229 Tunable and Stable Real-Time Trajectory Planning for Urban Autonomous Driving Gu, Tianyu; Atwood, Jason; Dong, Chiyu; Dolan, John M.
894 A Pre-Collision Control Strategy for Human-Robot Interaction Based on Dissipated Energy in Potential Inelastic Impacts Rossi, Roberto; Parigi-Polverini, Matteo; Zanchettin, Andrea Maria; Rocco, Paolo
1061 Hybrid aerial and aquatic locomotion in an at-scale robotic insect Chen, YuFeng; Helbling, Elizabeth Farrell; Gravish, Nicholas; Ma, Kevin; Wood, Robert

Best Paper Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding paper presented at the conference.

Paper No. Title Authors
833 COLREGS-Compliant Target Following for an Unmanned Surface Vehicle in Dynamic Environments Agrawal, Pranay; Dolan, John M.
1126 Tactile Sensing for Gecko-Inspired Adhesion Wu, Xin Alice; Suresh, Srinivasan; Jiang, Hao; Ulmen, John; Hawkes, Elliot Wright; Christensen, David; Cutkosky, Mark
1500 Hierarchical planning for multi-contact non-prehensile manipulation Lee, Gilwoo; Lozano-Perez, Tomas; Kaelbling, Leslie
1812 Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Analysis of a Two-Ray Undulatory Fin Robot Sfakiotakis, Michael; Fasoulas, John; Gliva, Roza